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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take orders over the phone?
    Yes. We do take orders over the phone. You can visit our contact us page to send in queries through call/mail. We have a ‘Place Order’ by WhatsAp Service on every page of our website. You can easily click on the WhatsApp link provided which will take you to our official WhatsApp number for placing the order.
  • Can I place an order for a customized product through the website?
    Yes, we would love to address your requirements and check with our artisans if there is any possibility to meet the requirements proposed by you for your own custom piece. You can write to us at with your custom request and product details mentioned.
  • My items haven’t arrived. What can I do?
    In case you have not received your order yet, please write to us with your order number and we shall answer it within 24 hours.
  • How to know that your order has been confirmed?
    After the payment process is successful, you will receive an authorized thank you message from our website; Symettry will also send an order confirmation e-mail on the registered e-mail id.
  • Can we use Rattan products outdoors?
    Natural cane is very strong and durable, but it cannot stand all weather conditions, so natural cane furniture is not suited for the outdoors. They are designed to kept indoors and cared for properly.
  • Are you offering any discounts?
    1. We do discount promotions during festivals and end of the season. 2. All our subscribers get many other discounts and benefits. 3. For bulk orders contact us.
  • Do you provide product delivery at my location?
    We deliver our products Pan India.
  • What are the delivery timelines once I order?
    Once the order is placed our team quality checks each item before delivery. After that, we ship your product which normally takes around 10-15 days to reach you.
  • How durable is Rattan?
    Rattan and Cane products, like other wooden varieties, grow with you and become a part of your family's treasured possessions. its long life isn't surprising given its flexible nature. Its durability, low weight, easy maintenance and environmental-friendliness further add to its charm. A coat of lacquer is applied to it to give it an appealing shine. Cane is also treated against attack by termites and wood boring insects.
  • Why Rattan and Cane?
    The woven pattern provides a light, airy look that will not weigh down a room’s seating area. The attribute of cane furniture is that it combines simplicity and comfort, with high aesthetic appeal. Contemporary Rattan structures and Wicker patterns, however, can offer just the right blend of traditional and modern while still allowing the natural surroundings to take center stage. Sadly, many artisans have shifted to other businesses due to less demand. It was more of a skill that they practiced which seems lost today.
  • Is Rattan and Cane sustainable?
    These products are eco-friendly and puts it at the top of the list of types of furniture and accessories. Rattan and Cane does not harm the environment anywhere from manufacturing to disposal processes. Cane appeals to be environment friendly, serving as a design staple that is both sustainable and recyclable
  • How to keep Symettry products clean?
    1. Symettry products are both durable and easy to care for - one of the many reasons it’s an incredible choice to add to your beautiful home. 2. Regular Cleaning: Keep your product(s) clean with regular dusting with a soft and dry cloth. 3. For something a little stickier, rub with a dry microfiber cloth gently, to give a bit more cleaning power. 4. Do not expose the product(s) to any kind of moisture or water content. 5. Let the product breathe - Unpack the product(s) as soon as you receive them. Make sure they are not kept packed for more than 24 hours. 6. Store in an airy and dry location. Fresh air is vital for the longevity of the product(s).
  • Why does my product have some defects?
    All Products are hand crafted by the local artisans of Bareilly. There are minor irregularities and imperfections which only add to the Bohemian charm of the product.
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