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Rustic Arch Mirror

Rustic Arch Mirror


Monsoon Sale

Our Rustic Arch Mirror is the perfect addition to any room décor, blending natural wicker and rattan into a unique piece of art. The distressed finish creates a timeless look that will draw the eye of every onlooker. Whether you place it on a console table or as a table top mirror, this sustainable piece is sure to add a unique touch to your living room. 

Not only does this piece look beautiful, it is also sustainably sourced, making it a great addition to any eco-friendly home.

Blending various decor styles to create a unique look that you can call your own and claiming the eyes of every onlooker. Extend the scope of wall decor with our Rustic Arch made from Cane in a distressed finish.


Frame - 17" x 19" x 17"

Mirror- 17" x 12" 17"

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